Much like our namesake, we at NOAH Rainwear believe in defying the elements.

Our story began one soggy afternoon in New York City when we looked around to find that no one was wearing a proper raincoat. We couldn’t help but wonder - what was the cause of this rainwear drought?

Today’s rainwear options are limited for the modern city dweller: fast fashion jackets fall apart after one wear; high end, designer labels offer quality but at steep prices; and outdoor brands sell coats that are better suited for a hike in the woods than a walk to the office.

Dissatisfied with the selection and frustrated by wet weather forecasts dictating our wardrobe and daily schedule, we set out to design a good-looking, quality raincoat made to weather the elements – from racing to an unexpected meeting across town, to waiting outside for a table at that “no reservation” restaurant.

At the intersection of fashion and function, NOAH Rainwear was created to be a wardrobe essential: built to wear anywhere and with everything. NOAH is the ideal complement to a dynamic lifestyle, proving that you don’t have to compromise quality, versatility and looking great. Bring on the rain!